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SME’s need corporate governance – but frequently do not know it.

Corporate governance is a basic building block, supporting sustainable growth for SME’s. While small companies remain a modest size and have typically fewer than 50 employees, multi-tasking managers supported by limited process or systems can successfully manage the company. However this approach will come under increasing strain as the company expands.

Ultimately a growing company will fail without appropriate corporate governance because it will not have the necessary people or processes to provide robust management in key areas.

Majlis can provide an SME with the core, corporate governance tools to achieve its strategic goals, including improving profitability, reducing risk and substantially enhancing the likelihood of an attractive sale of the business should it be desirable. Those tools may cover:

  • strategic direction
  • independent challenge at senior management level
  • appropriate internal controls and risk management
  • transparent objectives and related accountability
  • sound recruitment, retention and embedded employee values
  • optimum application of resources
For find out how your SME Company can improve through effective corporate governance, please contact the Corporate Governance Department of Majlis Partners