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Our Solutions

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Majlis Partners serve owners of significant capital who seek to work with principals who are prepared to share the reputational, financial, operational, and strategic risk of an opportunity.   We provide objective, independent advice to patriarchs, senior management, and government officials who require interdisciplinary, high-impact, judgment on the best way to grow shareholder and stakeholder value. 

We incorporate a historical perspective, an appreciation of the current political and regulatory environment, an understanding of the competitive landscape, along with an enhanced cultural sensitivity in our risk-return analysis to determine what is in the long term best interest of our clients and partners.

Our Solutions leverage the insight and capabilities of our network to identify the most compelling financial opportunities and investment partnerships, managers, advisors, transactions, relationships, ideas, products and services that are in the long-term best interest of our partners and clients.

Our Solutions include:
Merchant Advisory
Acting as a principal investor with partners across asset classes, strategies, and geographies on transactions in which we bring strategic value

Opportunity Scans
Developing strategic initiatives that identify appropriate structures, products, partners, and assets in specific industries and geographies

Cross-border Alliances and Joint Ventures
Structuring, negotiating and setting up cross-border alliances and joint ventures

Deal Assessment and Due Diligence
Providing confirmatory reputational, operational, and financial due diligence

Risk Management
Reviewing risk exposures across the organization or product suite and identifying unwanted risk concentrations

Manager Assessment and Due Diligence
Provide a disciplined and objective approach to selecting best-in-class managers across asset classes

Corporate Governance Rules and Mechanisms
Developing governance policy and procedures, succession planning, compliance, audit, incentive structures and stakeholder strategies

Help to develop a performance culture that enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization with due regard for risk