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Majlis is an Arabic term meaning gathering or assembly. Majlis Partners is an innovative, independent, privately-owned investment firm primarily focused on working with family businesses, select institutions and sovereigns in the Middle East and Africa.  We are partriarchs, senior executives, and government officials who seek to leverage decades of experience to identify risk-adjusted, sustainable returns.

Our overriding objective is to protect and increase the real wealth of our Partners by combining the personal service, dedication and cost benefits of a family office with the standards and expertise of an institutional investment firm.

We are an empowerment driven firm. Our integrated approach allows us to combine our cross-cultural knowledge with disciplined analysis to deliver the most suitable strategic, financial, and governance solutions to reduce risk and enhance returns.

Senior Focus and Local Expertise

The Firm’s principals have significant experience and tenure both in the global financial services industry and within pre-eminent local financial institutions. Our solutions rest on a deep integration into the local business environment in which relationships and proximity are paramount. Our Partners have significant experience assisting clients in solving complex strategic, operational and financial issues.