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Majlis believes an informed partner is a good partner.  To that end the Majlis Partners Knowledge Center was established to offer thought leadership across a spectrum of issues and challenges faced by principals in the Region.  The Center imparts knowledge, skills and innovation in thought with a view of empowering owners of capital as they seek to increase their understanding of different issues and topics and improve their competencies.

Saudi economy will treble by 2050

US$3 trillion estimate will make it the 18th largest economy in the world - analysts

Sheikh Ahmed “very positive” on $6bn Dubai Group debt talks

 “I hope the Dubai Group will be able to reach an agreement,” he added

Dubai Islamic Bank posts 33.9 percent Q4 profit boost

Profit rise beats estimates as bank records growth across asset and deposit bases

UK firm and Qatar royal in talks for $500m fund for women

The Shariah-compliant vehicle is being developed by London-based is DVK Group

Could any limits on the US export of LNG violate the law?

The battle over expanding US exports of liquefied natural gas has long centered on a debate over supply and demand fundamentals: whether exports would cause domestic prices to skyrocket; whether limits would quell US production; or whether the industry may face flat demand without new markets.

But the debate ventured into some new ground recently when the US Chamber of Commerce began ramping...

04Feb/William C Dudley: Fixing wholesale funding to build a more stable financial system

Remarks by Mr William C Dudley, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and President of the Committee on the Global Financial System (CGFS), at the New York Bankers Association's 2013 Annual Meeting and Economic Forum, New York City, 1 February 2013.

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