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Majlis believes an informed partner is a good partner.  To that end the Majlis Partners Knowledge Center was established to offer thought leadership across a spectrum of issues and challenges faced by principals in the Region.  The Center imparts knowledge, skills and innovation in thought with a view of empowering owners of capital as they seek to increase their understanding of different issues and topics and improve their competencies.

13Feb/Andreas Dombret: Financial systemic risk - the national and international dimension of macroprudential policy

Public lecture by Dr Andreas Dombret, Member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank, at the International Center for Monetary and Banking Studies (ICMB), Geneva, 12 February 2013.

13Feb/Pentti Hakkarainen: Enhancing the free information flow and cooperation between supervisory and other authorities

Luncheon speech by Mr Pentti Hakkarainen, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Finland, at the 2nd FIN-FSA Conference on EU Regulation and Supervision - "Banking and Supervision under Transformation", Helsinki, 12 February 2013.

13Feb/Mario Draghi: Introductory statement at the Congreso de los Diputados de España

Introductory statement by Mr Mario Draghi, at the Congreco de los Diputados de España (Meeting with Members of Parliament), Madrid, 12 February 2013.

UAE citizens "blindly" signing up for loans - dep pm

Dep PM says banks taking advantage of Emiratis as 1,600 sign up to have debts restructured

Moody's junks Egypt on back of unrest, delayed IMF talks

Ratings agency relegates country to B3, says further downgrades possible

Dubai's Safi Qurashi cleared of bouncing $2.7m cheque

UK businessman, who spent three years in jail, cleared by civil court over cheque fraud

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