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Our Corporate Governance Services

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We offer a broad range of services that will meet your organization’s corporate governance needs including,

Corporate Governance Review

We undertake a corporate governance review of your organization to assess its current corporate governance, benchmarked against relevant best practice. We will produce a confidential report, generally for the Chairman or CEO, identifying areas for improvement. We believe this is an invaluable exercise, particularly for banks and any organisation that believes it appropriate to adopt international best practice.

ESCA & 518 Review

We undertake a review of your Company’s response to the ESCA Corporate Governance Code. This can be of particular relevance in preparation for the annual Corporate Governance Report. We will identify any omissions and areas of underperformance, recommend remedial steps, implement the solution and work with you to ensure that the Corporate Governance Report is an ambassador of the company.

Consultancy Practice

Our corporate governance consultancy service includes: a specialized corporate governance consultancy practice. Areas on which we advise include:Board Room, Risk & Control, Values and Ethics, Subsidiaries, Development and Training, Code of Conduct design and Financial Services.


  • Benchmark against international best practice
  • Recommend remedial programme
  • Implementation of programme


  • Board composition
  • Recruitment of independent non-executive directors
  • Board effectiveness/evaluation
  • Board induction/training
  • Chairman induction/training
  • Board Committees Terms of Reference, embedded reporting lines and MIS
  • Board Processes and Policies
Risk and Control
  • Assessment, design and implementation of internal controls
  • Assessment, design and implementation of enterprise risk management processes
  • Policies for auditor independence, market abuse and reputational risk
  • Design and implement pragmatic anti-bribery programme which will meet needs of US FCPA and UK Bribery Act
Values and Ethics
  • Assessment and recommendation on values and culture across an organization
  • Design and implementation of code of conduct, code of ethics, business ethics and supporting policies
  • Design and implementation of Whistleblowing/Speaking-Up practice
  • Develop an Environmental, Social and Governmental Policy- often called ESG or CSR and preparation of your organisations ESG/ CSR reports
  • Assessment of optimum corporate governance for subsidiaries
  • Evaluation of corporate governance within a group's subsidiaries
  • Policies to mitigate corporate governance risk in subsidiaries
Development and Training
Development and training on all aspects of corporate governance including:
  • Role of chairman
  • Director induction
  • Board induction
  • CEO induction
  • General counsel best practices, etc

Majlis Partners understands that corporate governance is not a goal in itself but is the means to an end. That end objective is a sustainable, profitable, compliant company with satisfied stakeholders.

We would be delighted to discuss your corporate governance requirements or concerns on a confidential, free of charge basis.

For more information please contact the Corporate Governance Department of Majlis Partners