Why Majlis Partners

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Majlis is convinced that complexity from globalization needs to be countered with objectivity, independence and long-term alignment of interest. We target a select group of clients who recognize that greater connectivity and collaboration is required amongst owners of capital to fully exploit inefficiencies across geographies, currencies, asset classes, and structures.


The entrepreneurial vision and energy of family businesses has been a major force in the development of Middle Eastern cultures and economies. From often humble origins, many have developed into multi-generational, multi-jurisdictional, multi-business conglomerates. The successful government and management of the family business require a serious consideration of governance, financial, investment, and operational issues.


We are a unique source of competitive advantage to our corporate partners. Should you position yourself as the lowest cost provider to the industry or a niche player with a high valued offering? We help corporations determine what really matters with regard to business strategy, finance and management.


Organizational rigidity, complex government relationships, underdeveloped performance cultures are some of the challenges of our governmental clients. Optimizing the assets of the state so as to achieve desired social outcomes without foregoing commercial appeal has never been more challenging. We help Government clients leverage their own intellectual and financial capital in the most cost-effective way to bring sustainable and tangible social and economic benefits


The market is a harsh disciplinarian. Market volatility, geopolitical uncertainty, questionable business ethics and uncertain business models require a partner with local market insight and execution.