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Code of Conduct

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Communication of an organizations values and ethics is a vital part of effective corporate governance.
The most effective way to do this is through a Code of Conduct.
Each organization should develop a Code which reflects its unique circumstances.
Golden Rules of Code development are:
  1. Endorsement by the Board;
  2. CEO ownership of development project;
  3. Involve a cross section of all employees, so that every one in the organization is a stakeholder;
  4. Don't avoid sensitive issues such as bribery, use of company assets, whistle-blowing;
  5. Launch with fanfare and mandatory training;
  6. Keep it fresh by drip feeding relevant reminders;
  7. Link it to both rewards and disciplinary process.

At Majlis we have developed codes for international and national organizations using our pragmatic "feet on the ground" methodology.We have the capability and experience to develop a Code that will exceed your expectations and deliver value to your company.

For more information please contact the Corporate Governance Department of Majlis Partners