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The Majlis Difference

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Unique Service Offering

Majlis is convinced that complexity from globalization needs to be countered with objectivity, independence and long-term alignment of interest. We target a select group of clients who recognize that greater connectivity and collaboration is required amongst owners of capital to fully exploit inefficiencies across geographies, currencies, asset classes, and structures.

However, the pursuit of individual and corporate wealth has its dark side. The pressures to cut corners, fudge numbers, strike a deal on the side, and take uncompensated risk are temptations that must be anticipated and mitigated.

By working with a limited number of like-minded partners with similar business ethics, wealth preservation and investment goals, as well as liability and liquidity concerns, Majlis can help our clients make, manage, and extend their reputational, financial and intellectual capital.

We consider many of the contemporary practices unsatisfactory for emerging market investors. Thus, we have developed new methods of our own. Our approach integrates history, knowledge, experience, judgment, relationships and information across disciplines in order to expand the potential return from a given opportunity or relationship.