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I have just had my first child and am thinking about his financial future. If I were to give him a safety deposit box and that box was not to be opened for twenty years, should I put 5 million in cash in that box or 5 million in diamonds or gold?

Above is a graphical representation of the fall in value of the U.S. dollar since the Federal Reserve took control of the monetary system. In the first seven years of providing the nation with a "more stable monetary system”, the U.S. dollar lost one-half of its value. Today, the U.S. dollar is worth less than a nickel was in 1913.

Selected Majlis Appearances
Events Location Date Details
Cityscape Dubai Dubai, UAE Oct 4-6, 2010
Moderator: Owen Thomas, BBC World News
Panelist: Developed vs Emerging vs Frontier Markets: Assessing the opportunities, calculating risk-adjusted returns and executing safe exit strategies when expanding international investment.
Cityscape Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Apr 18-21, 2010 Abu Dhabi Investor Round Table and Saudi Arabia Investor Round Table
Participant: “Getting Focused: Capturing Market Share, Taking Risks in Uncertain Economic Times”
Amanie Failaka Symposium Dubai, UAE Apr 13, 2010 Panelist: Improving Islamic Investment Policies.
3rd Annual UAE Global Investment Forum Abu Dhabi, UAE Mar 23, 2010 Panelist: Capital Markets Global Credit Crisis: Prospects for Investors.
Fox Business News Global Broadcast Nov 30, 2009 Fox is a major television network based in the United States. Fox Business News is their leading business news channel.
Live Interview with Brian Sullivan: “Majlis Partners Co-Founder Robert Bush on Dubai's Debt Crisis and its Impact in the Middle East and Globally”
GAIM Conference Middle East Dubai, UAE Nov 15 -18, 2009 Moderator and Presenter: Restructuring Family Business in the GCC
Developed and led a 3 hour seminar on restructuring and advising family businesses on family governance, corporate governance, international tax, asset management and proper use of investment managers and advisors.
UAE Global Investment Forum Abu Dhabi, UAE Apr 28 -29, 2009 Panelist: Global Credit Crisis: Prospects for Investors
GAIM Middle East Conference Dubai, UAE Nov 16 -18, 2008 Panelist: The New Titans – The Rise of Sovereign Wealth Funds in Reshaping Global Capital Flows
Milken Conference 2008 Beverly Hills, CA Apr 28-30, 2008 Moderator: The Changing Demographics of the Muslim World: Implications for the Future
Milken Conference 2007 Beverly Hills, CA Apr 23-25, 2007 Panelist: The Changing Face of Arab Business: The Growth of Small and Medium-Sized Firms
Business Week, CEO Forum Beijing, China Nov 6-7, 2007 Panelist: Global Champions for Tomorrow: The Evolution of Emerging Markets Multinationals
Milken Conference 2006 Beverly Hills, CA Apr 26-28, 2006 Panelist: Middle East Capital Markets: Market Building, Nation Building