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Our Values

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We recognize that our Partners have chosen to work together.  We show our gratitude to the Partnership through consistent out-performance and respect for the viewpoints and opinions of others.

We do not pretend to know more than we do. We will either figure out a solution that is in the long term best interest of the Partners or work with those who can.

We take personal responsibility and deliver on commitments.

We differentiate the firm through a distinctive approach that blends leadership, creative insight, and calculated risk to make rewarding investments and build quality businesses.

The Majlis Difference

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Unique Service Offering

Majlis is convinced that complexity from globalization needs to be countered with objectivity, independence and long-term alignment of interest. We target a select group of clients who recognize that greater connectivity and collaboration is required amongst owners of capital to fully exploit inefficiencies across geographies, currencies, asset classes, and structures.


Our Firm

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Majlis is an Arabic term meaning gathering or assembly. Majlis Partners is an innovative, independent, privately-owned investment firm primarily focused on working with family businesses, select institutions and sovereigns in the Middle East and Africa.  We are partriarchs, senior executives, and government officials who seek to leverage decades of experience to identify risk-adjusted, sustainable returns.